Bra Stu Driving School

Bra Stu Driving School offers top quality driving lessons and test services in every suburb of Cape Town. We have highly trained and experienced driving instructors servicing the whole of Cape Town. We are confident in our teaching ability and success rate.

K53 Specialists in Cape Town

The K53 Driving Standard is a system of defensive driving that is intended to reduce the risk of having a collision. The purpose of the system is to keep a clear space around your vehicle at all times in order to avoid colliding with other road users - vehicles, pedestrians and animals.

Why We Do It?

Whether it's your first time behind the wheel or you've already started to learn to drive, with Bra Stu Driving School you'll be one step closer to passing your driving test. With our professional and friendly driving instructors, you'll emjoy a relaxed, positive and encouraging environment as you start your driving lessons and learnt to drive. The experience we have in the field has helped to the successful of the strategies we have in place.

Bra Stu - " What motivates me is to see a learner who does not know anything being able to learn and being able to drive and pass. The fact of bringing change in people's lives motivates me. We have a very open policy in the company, everything is accounted for. We are compliant with every law of the country. Driver with confidence ".

Learn to Drive

Learning to drive is not just about getting a driving license but is an essential skill for life. The reason why our driving school has become so successful is because we deilver great value for our customers. Driving with the right skills, knowledge and attitude is imperative in South Africa since once behind the wheel we are responsible for property and life of all those who share the road with us. At Bra Stu Driving School we have put together a well developed, effective and proven structured program. We have expertise and knowledge to assist you in passing all your tests and obtaining your license.